A personalized autonomous driving experience

How will your life change with self-driving cars?

By 2021, we could have fully autonomous vehicles. As more automakers race to produce fully autonomous cars, many questions exist about the impact they will have. Auto is an interactive, multimedia experience designed to immerse users in a personalized narrative about their futures with autonomous vehicles.

We design user experiences in 3 simple steps


Answer a few questions so we can get to know you better. Based on your input, we’ll give you a sneak peak into a future with autonomous vehicles that is custom-tailored to you.


Get lost in your new life. See how autonomous cars have changed your work day, family life, or even a night out on the town.


Share your experience on your favorite social media platforms and find out how your friend’s futures compare.

  • Technology

    The first thing Auto does is present a form with personal questions to users. By using Javascript, Auto takes the user’s responses and generates a customized multimedia experience of their future with autonomous vehicles. Based on the scores assigned to each variable that they choose, a custom experience is given to the user, enabling a unique multi-platform immersion for every user.

  • Design

    The experience includes multimedia content such as photos, videos and audio to let the future of autonomous vehicles unfold in front of the user as well. At the end of the experience, the user has the opportunity to share their personal experience on social media for a wider audience to view and try out for themselves.

Learn more

  • Wireframe

    An interactive wireframe demonstrating the flow, functionality, and look of your project website.


    Our team's compiled research on autonomous vehicles.

    Team Contract

    A document that defines how we, as a team, plan to work together. Includes tasks and deliverable of each team member and expectations.

  • Project Plan

    An initial guide to our project that includes research, technology used, our schedule, obstacles and goals.

    Project Beta

    Our first go at actually building our multimedia website. Demonstrates the functional core of our product.

    Blog Post

    A blog post detailing our project.

  • Poster

    A poster for your visual pleasure.


    A one page handout that gives you the gist of our project. Similar to handouts administered at trade shows.

    Project Trailer

    An entertaining project trailer for your visual and auditory pleasure.

Meet the team

  • Team Member

    Daniel Funke

    I'm a senior journalism and international affairs major. I work on coding and technology for Auto.

    Team Member

    Emily Giglio

    I'm a senior advertising major. I love to write copy for the Auto team.

    Team Member

    Kalah Mingo

    I'm a junior journalism major. I work on coding and technology for Auto.

  • Team Member

    Adriana Reynolds

    I'm a senior public relations major. I'm in charge of team communication for Auto.

    Team Member

    John Weatherford

    I'm a faculty member in the New Media Institute. I advise team Auto.

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120 Hooper St, Athens, GA 30601